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Brisk provides an easy way to deliver items to your customers via our drone delivery services.

Bulding an atmosphere completely unique for your business

Brisk UAV is a marketplace for merchants to showcase their products for sale. The brisk experience allows individuals to shop with various delivery service options including contactless drone delivery. Brisk partners with merchants and corporations to  provide this express option to select areas within Africa where our drones deliver your items straight to your destination.

Safe Shipping 100%

We guarantee a 100% safe delivery with any orders placed within our delivery range.

24/7 Customer Service

We provide 24/7 support to customers, merchants and partners.

Money Back Guarantee

We have a 30 day guarantee on drones purchased from Brisk.

It's time to take the common out of your common area.

Brisk provides a complete ecommerce solution for businesses to reduce delivery times by making available an option for delivery drone in the marketplace to take care of at least 60% of local deliveries that are within 10km for products less than 20kg . The marketplace accommodates all types of sales establishment. 

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Our #OneDeliveryAfrica Initiative helps merchants provide Drone Delivery service as an option for delivery on our marketplace.

Brisk Jet 90 Pro (Med)

Jet 90 Pro Med is a quadcopter equipped with the resources to deliver medical supplies within 10km.


Brisk Jet 90 Pro

Jet 90 Pro is a quadcopter equipped with the resources to deliver medical supplies within 10km.


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Keep up with our beyond innovative ways. See how we are contributing to a smarter and technological advanced Africa.

The far discovered celebrated decisively at home.

We think fast delivery, we think brisk. Our marketplace has surpassed our imagination.

Food delivery just got better with drone delivery

Yes. We know. Your food is fragile and you don't want your rice mixed with the stew. We got you!

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Wishing you had ordered it sooner.

Was the excitement worth it? Did you wish you ordered it sooner? We are here anytime.

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