A Wayward
Vision In Best

We have the upper hand when it comes to innovative ideas because of our diverse selection of experts within technology. 

Over a quarter of Brisk deliveries (28%) will start in business-oriented areas, demonstrating that drone delivery meets the needs of underserved communities, who are thereby able to engage in opportunities that would have been too expensive or time-consuming before. This is a new market that is not yet introduced in Africa,

Our Story is Your Story

Our mission is to provide a drone delivery marketplace and logistics solution to individuals, merchants and corporations to receive delivery of their items in a timely fashion.

We Are a Pacesetter

We have an advantage to maintain profitable operations in markets that have strict regulations such as; rapid innovation in R&D, high efficiency manufacturing processes, capacity for intelligent driving technologies, high brand popularity. 

Amazing Partners and Collaboration

Merchants that sign up with Brisk UAV are able to open multiple stores within the same platform and offer a large number of products to customers. Multiple Delivery options are available.

Why Choose Us?



First of its kind in the African E-commerce Space



We are able to deliver accurately with the help of our mission planner to any location within our delivery range.



We have a technological advantage with our user-friendly applications for user and drivers. Our system is also linked to our drones so we can prioritize deliveries. 

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